Winning Your Ex Back – A Game of Chess | Board Games

So, the one couple that everyone thought would be married is now broken up. Something doesn’t seem right because deep down it has been known that forever was inevitable. And at this point you will stop at nothing to win back your ex. If this is the challenge that you are prepared to take, then there are some guidelines to follow if you want to succeed.First off, winning back an ex is not a very easy task. It will be difficult and can become an emotional roller coaster if you do not proceed with caution. One of the first rules is to prevent from becoming overbearing or needy. There was a reason why the relationship didn’t initially work, and most of the time it is not due to lack of attention. The only way their desire will return is if you take away what they’ve become accustomed to. Begging and pleading will not get you anywhere, so avoid doing both. In fact, the appropriate thing to do is take some time away from the relationship. “Absence makes the heart grow fonder” and that is ultimately the reason why you will win back your ex. By agreeing that the relationship needs to end, this will set up the board for the chess game you’re preparing to play. No one ever expects their significant other to handle the break-up well, so surprise them by agreeing. This creates doubts with their initial decision to end things.

Furthermore, another way to win back your ex is by taking things slow. Once some time has passed, give your ex a call just to see how things are going. Because it was ended on a positive note, it won’t seem odd to make a courtesy call. Next, position yourself to be at a location where they frequent often, just make sure to look your best. Dressing to impress can cause an aura of confidence and studies have shown that exuberating it can make you extremely attractive. Also, running into them indiscreetly can establish a low stress atmosphere for conversation. This is a great way to start winning back your ex. By doing this, it will trigger the positive memories from the relationship and build more doubt as to why it was ended to begin with. Lastly, while chatting with your ex, make sure to sound sincere when inquiring about their life. Genuinely ask questions about how life has been, any new interests, and how the family is doing. Showing positive interests in their life will generate comfort and emotions that may have been long forgotten.

It’s not difficult to win an ex back, just a little time consuming. In the end, you have to ask whether or not it would be worth it. If your answer is yes, then it’s time to play a game of chess.